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Quality Assured

All raw materials must pass stringent quality controls before they are utilised in production and use only use precursor materials that are of the highest quality. Further quality control throughout the production process is demonstrated by;

~ Product Analysis – This is recorded for each product manufactured, the analysis contains the specific components of the herbal product, including the batch number for each of the ingredients, as well as the production methods used                                                                                                                                       

~ Raw Materials – These are purchased only from reputable wholesalers, each raw material in our products must come with a Certificate of Analysis obtained from the supplier. Our in-house QA team also analyses the raw material for authenticity                                                                                                          

~ Batch Numbers – On completion of manufacturing products are assigned a batch code. A sample of all products is retained and batch codes recorded                                                                       

~ Packaging Material – All packaging materials are purchased only from reputable wholesalers and packaging and labels are produced to meet UK/EU regulations and standards

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In addition to the quality control protocols, ISO 9001 and the principles and guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), we adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the utmost quality control;

~ Blending and Granulation – All equipment used in the process of mixing and granulation is inspected by the Director of Operations prior to use. Batches are processed using strict written guidelines for each product. Following granulation and blending the powder blends are stored in a specially designed containers to ensure freshness and to avoid any potential contamination                                                                                                                                          

~ Encapsulation and Compression – Once a test unit has been processed, a sample is issued to the QA team and compared to retained samples in order to ensure product integrity. Only once a new unit has been approved, full production may begin. All final products are stored in quarantine in a climate controlled environment until final delivery to the customer       

Production Timescale

Our house formulas are typically available within a 2 -3 week lead-time. We have many off the shelf packaging solutions or bespoke packaging can produced to your specification. We will be happy to confirm the lead-times for bespoke packaging


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