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Here at Global Naturals we manufacture a wide variety of capsulated herbal supplements, skin creams & serums and CBD based products. We create unique, safe and effective products that help people supplement their lives and improve wellbeing. We are proud to offer a range of ‘high demand’ herbal supplements supporting general wellbeing, sports nutrition, weight management, joint health and detox, all manufactured from only the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available.

Our skin care range includes anti-ageing cream and serum with anti-wrinkle action to reduce the appearance of facial expression wrinkles, improve skin tonicity and cellular cohesion. And for eye care, eye lift serum and moisturising cream to improve skin elasticity. We also manufacture an eyelash enhancer to smooth and condition lashes.

Our modern manufacturing premises in the UK enable us to ensure the highest possible standards of production quality. Our products are manufactured to ISO 9001 and to the principles and guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). We focus on providing exceptional service with quick, efficient turnaround of product manufacture for our clients, no matter the size of the order.

We offer a vast range of packaging options for you to customise your product presentation – flat or round bottles in a variety of colours and tablet encapsulation. Capsules can be provided pre packaged and labelled to your own specification, or supplied bulk packed in boxes for re-packaging.

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In addition to product manufacture, through our UK, US and EU based fulfillment partner, we can manage the distribution of product direct to our clients customers. And their bespoke e-commerce fulfillment system can integrate quickly and easily across the entire e-fulfillment process. No matter what CRM system you choose to use, the software integrates with all the popular shopping carts including Lime Light, EBAY, Amazon, Magento, OrangeHRM, Zencart, Konnektive CRM, Infusion, WooCommerce, Veeqo, Seller Dynamics and Shopify.

Integration with your own in-house systems can also be facilitated and processes tailored to suit, ensuring the direct fulfillment of customer orders is a quick and simple process.