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Our trusted fulfillment partner offers a Free to access CRM system through which our clients can access the status of their customer orders, returns and stock holding 24/7. This provides complete visibility of the current status of a clients account wherever and whenever required.

Using an online OPIM (Operations and Information Management) file to process orders generates an integrated invoice and label PDF from imported customer order data. The system receives a daily import file from a clients API or FTP, or twice daily for order volumes greater than 5,000. This file contains all the data required to process that particular days customer orders.

Once the file is imported, the OPIM will reject any orders with errors and import only valid orders. An email notification is then sent to the client informing of any invalid orders so that appropriate action can be taken to rectify these.

In the event that there is not enough stock available to ship every customer order, those unfulfilled will be placed on back order until new stock arrives, then automatically fulfilled once the product is back in stock. All valid orders are then printed and moved through the process to a pick & pack area in the fulfillment center.

Once the picked & packed orders have been collected by the shipping partner, they are marked as shipped and a reconciliation file is produced in FTP. This normally happens by 12 GMT or 17.00 GMT daily.

To gain access to our CRM portal every client receives unique login details which are password protected. Once logged in, the account dashboard is accessible from where the most frequently used reports are readily available, for example;

Stock Level – break down of stock levels for individual SKU’s

Dashboard KPI’s – remaining stock levels and stock cover is represented in a dashboard format. Other KPI’s measured are – daily ‘orders in’ and ‘shipped’

Orders Report – here a client can view a breakdown of orders shipped, rejected, cancelled, back orders and return. Searchable by order date, shipped date or by order ID number

Returns Report – a list of any returned orders can be viewed

All orders imported are reconciled to the clients system via a reconciliation file. This is produced daily, each time orders are marked as ‘shipped’ in the system.

Mobile App

The CRM system integrates with all the major shopping carts and a bespoke integration can be created with your own systems.

For convenience the CRM is available to access either via desktop or on a mobile device, Apple or Android OS.